Special Meeting of the NCTV Board 6/5/17




2017 NCTV Video Camp

2017 Video Production Camp for Beginners & Intermediates

Learn, create, and see your work on TV!!!

Campers will be given the opportunity to act, direct, video record, edit, and more!

Click here to view and/or download a copy of the video clips created by the 2016 Beginners' Video Camp! 

For  information about DVD copies, call NCTV at 863-8837, or send email to info@newportcommunitytv.org.


NCTV Opens the VHS Vault

NCTV has a rather large collection of programs on VHS tape, from 1990s football and basketball games to who knows what, and one day we realized that we could show these old chestnuts even today in the digital age.  So watch for programs from the VHS Vault -- you never know what might turn up!

Do You Have a Photograph That Perfectly Illustrates YOUR Newport?
Consider submitting it to NCTV for our This Is Our Newport presentation on NCTV.  Photographs will be displayed on Channel 10 as part of our "between the programs" offerings.  Call NCTV at 863-8837 for more information.

NCTV Offers Video Production Tutoring

Newport Community Television offers tutoring in video production for community members who have an interest in video camera operation and digital editing.  From handheld camcorder to NCTV's professional studio equipment, you or your organization can learn how to make video productions to tell your story.  Contact Jeff Nintzel at 863-8837 to learn more. 

Program Presenter Opportunities

NCTV receives potential programs from various organizations, and offers opportunites for community members to present these programs on Channel 10.  If you would like to preview these programs and possibly present them on channel 10,  contact Jeffrey Nintzel, Executive Director (863-8837).