Thomas Bishop

    Studio Manager  


Graduated with the class of 2013 From Full Sail University, a Hands on school for Television and Film. After Graduation Thomas came back to NH as a Videographer at CATV; covering the towns of Hanover, Hartford, Norwich, and Hartland. Thus, paving the way for Camera work within Northeast Sports Network covering Dartmouth Football and Hockey Games. Thomas Spends Most nights working at Collis Cafe as a Counterworker/Cook, but spends his days at NCTV. When Time allows for it, Thomas can be found at the local movie Theatres watching latest and greatest films out of Hollywood. 




Nathaneil Cutler 

Intern Producer

As a senior in high school, I see plenty of my peers worried about their futures. As for me, my passions for video editing, recording and storyboarding were first discovered as a junior in high school. Watching YouTube helped me get through times of hardship which inevitably led to me striving to help others using the same forms of media as YouTube.  My venture started while attending Winnisquam High School where I had decided to take a class at the “HUOT” center nearby. This class helped drive me to find what I truly enjoy, video editing. The year following, I moved back to my home town of Newport.  Newport does not offer such such classes but helped me stumble upon NCTV.  Although a bit crazy at times, NCTV helps me learn more about filming and editing in a practical setting at a steady pace.  I find the job as an intern producer to be very satisfying.                                                                                                                                               



                                     James Smith 

                         Intern Producer                                                                                     




When I applied to be an intern at NCTV, it was because I was fascinated with the process of filming something, editing it, and then putting it on television. What I enjoy about going to the studio after school is that when I am at the studio I work on things that I am really interested in. One of the first times I was involved with filming was when I was a participant in the 2014 and 2015 Geography Bees. What inspired me to get involved is when I saw a YouTube video of someone demonstrating their setup for making video. NCTV ROCKS!





Heather Chrimes

Intern Producer

Newport High school graduate of 2016, I began working at NCTV in the middle of my Senior Year. I soon fell in love with filming and editing. Throughout my time here I have filmed and edited the Peeps Diorama Challenge, a campaign video for Linda Wadensten, The Red Star Twirlers, The 2016 Winter Carnival Queen Pageant, and am currently editing the 2016 Prom.

My time working at NCTV has given me a wonderful experience with wonderful co-workers. In fall I will begin college at Keene State, though I intend to return to NCTV during the summers. Working at NCTV has also inspired me to minor in Film Studies in order to further my experience with cameras, filming and editing.

                Love, Heather & Salem(The Cat....)



Coleen Hennig


When I was eleven years old, my parents gave me an old video camera for Christmas. I immediately took it out and created the first video I ever made. I then sent it to NCTV, and when I saw it on cable television, I knew that producing is what I wanted to study as a career. Afterwards, I began to volunteer for the school board meetings. Even though filming a live meeting was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, I came to love it nonetheless! Finally in January of 2013, I was given the opportunity to work at NCTV as the Junior Producer. I was so excited! Of course I accepted the position, and I have loved every moment I’ve had here.

Newport High School is so fortunate to have something like NCTV. Working here has giving me experience that is so unique compared to other kids’ my age. I have been able to express my creativity, lead my own projects, and learn how to organize and manage a television studio. The interns from Colby-Sawyer have given me tons of tips that have contributed to my editing abilities.