Newport Community Television, Inc. (NCTV) is a non-profit, membership-based corporation established in 1993 to operate and message facilities for public, educational, and governmental (PEG) access on the cable television system in Newport, New Hampshire. Under the terms of the franchise agreement between the Town of Newport and Comcast, NCTV is responsible for adopting and establishing rules and regulations for the non-discriminatory, non-commercial use of many and all access channels on the system.

        With facilities located in the Lou Thompson Community Room in the Sugar River Valley Regional Technical Center, NCTV provides equipment, training, and channel time to individuals and organizations in Newport. These resources are available for the production and presentation of programming by and for the Newport community on a first-come, firs-served, non-discriminatory basis.


Mission Statement

        “Newport Community Television, Inc. is established to foster the democratic use of electronic media by providing residents and organizations of Newport, New Hampshire with access to cable television for the purpose of non-commercial communication within the community.”

        To this end, NCTV is committed to providing an opportunity for members of the Newport community to use cable television to communicate their views. NCTV makes available channel time on the cable system as well as access to and training in the use of production resources. We seek to present a wide range of programming that expresses a diversity of perspectives: to establish a broad base of community understanding of and involvement in public access television; to encourage community support for access productions’ and to furnish an electronic conduit for free expression. We further intend to access community response to programming on the public access channel(s) and to aid in the development of additional programming; to ensure continued community access to and use of additional channels through sound management; and to participate in the development of additional community uses of telecommunications technology.